Graphics to promote Tradeio - New initiatives and a trade contest

in #tradeiolast year (edited)

I share another collection of graphics to share on social networks about the new initiatives launched by the cryptographic market. You can use them freely.

I remind you that will have a trade competence within 2 days and ends on February 28, aimed especially at the Crypto Lovers, 50 winners!! 5 BTC!! Do not lose this opportunity...

Graphic 1: 1920x1100 .png

tradeio new2.png

Graphic 2: 2560x1440 .jpg

FotoJet (6).jpg

Graphic 3: 2560x1440 .jpg

FotoJet (13).jpg

Graphic 4: 1920x600 .png

tradeio new3.png

Graphic 5: 1920x600 .png

tradeio new4.png

Graphic 6: 1920x1100 .png

tradeio new5.png

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