Share your favourite #trackoftheday and WIN 2 SBI

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Been feeling somewhat introspective today - yes, I have those days too :) I felt a need to "escape" a little and so I did - hence I have not been around much. I believe it is important to do this for ourselves from time to time - and today was my time. It is a re-charge and re-fuel time... which allows me to continue being passionate about what I do here and elsewhere...


step 1.

I am going to share my favourite track for the day (which is essentially irrelevant but I just like sharing music haha!! - and you HAVE to listen to it :P because I TOTALLY have a way to gauge that lol)

step 2.

You share YOUR best track for the day in the comments.

step 3.

The track I like the most gets 2 SBI

step 4.

And if I am in a particularly good mood,
the second and third favourites may get 1 SBI each as well :)

The winning selection/s will be made at any time within the 7 day curation period of the relevant post




and my winning selection from the previous post is from @thekittygirl

and as always, there were just too many good tunes to simply choose one...









Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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I was saving this for my buddy @perceptualflaws but may as well share it here!

It is a strange one indeed. Type O Negative is a heavy gothy band I used to listen to a lot in the 90s. The lead singer died a couple years ago which brought them to the surface again.

So funny to hear them do a cover of a brit pop song from the 60s!

So, it is my tune of the day because it is such a strange combination and I am not sure how many people know of Type O Negative.


Sigur Ros - Glosoli

Add some beauty to your introspective day with this gorgeous track from Iceland's Sigur Ros. This proves you don't have to understand lyrics to be moved by a song. Best experienced on a large screen at high volume :)

Yep Music can be indeed a way of relief and way to energize the moment for the time being. I liked the track of yours, refreshing indeed.

While I have been listening to this track (came across in the Youtube promotional video) Liked the depth of the lyrics of it .


Jamaican music (hope I am guessing this right), off beat, love the sound, always refreshingly different. Never heard this group before thanks @rehan12


Thanks to few Nigerian friends of mine (I met them here) they did introduced me with this sort of music and seems like I kind of liking them as well.

Enjoy : )

I use to hear your favourite song before. Long forgotten. Lol. Anyway, this is my favourite! I dont know what all of you think, but its just classic. Enjoy.
Bad day

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You liked this guy's voice last time I sent a track, but this one has it all, fashion, dancing, moodiness, hair, platform boots! I hope you love it and welcome back from your renewal :)

I'll stay on theme...

This should do it since you are feeling retrospective. haha!
Buffalo Springfield-Retrospective [Full Album] 1969


Laid-back awesome band @rebeccabe loved the lyrics to their music.

Having an off day today, so this track seems most fitting for the mood I'm in. TQ - Daily >

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love Alanis! from all of her songs, my favorite would be "that I would be good", do you know this one?

anyways, for my track of the day is this, Gomenasai by TATU, yeah am in emo mood lol

My #TrackofTheDday is Dynasty by MIIA
Hope you like it :)

Ooh, I'm always very up to sharing music! Been listening to OK GO a lot and they have way too many cool music vids so it very hard to choose

The timing of everything and placing all that had to be done to make this is so amazing


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I often listen to different kinds of music, but I keep coming back to this beautiful joik/yoik by Sámi singer Sofia Jannok.


Joyous mix of singing and yodeling, very happy music even though I do not understand a word she is singing @viking-ventures


A lot of it is simply syllables and tones, not meant to be understood as words. I have days where I only listen to joik. I don't understand much of it either. I can understand some Norwegian and Swedish, but not a word of Sámi.

Alanis! Love her... one of my favorite singers, as well as one of my favorite people; had the privilege of getting to know her a little in connection with the making of a documentary film. Wonderful human being.

Mine's a little more nostalgic; new song but very 80's retro sound by The Midnight... clip with a very young Jennifer Connelly whom I had a massive "celebrity crush" on back then.

My #TrackofTheDay is - Hoobastank - The Reason

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The track of the day for me:

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Wow thanks for the mention @jaynie after the poll and everything good happening at #powerhousecreatives - This week (showing my age again) and in lieu of the merriment with members, here is Beach Boys, Good Vibrations... Enjoy!

My favourite Track!!!... Today when i woke up i started my day with this song... Here without you.. But my taste changes a lot.. 😁😁