According to Steemit, what are we? What do we do

in #tr3 years ago

We've heard from a place where we see many of us here and there are good gains in the trends we saw

we started to make small shares we do not have low followers

The little things we share are starting to come out and I think it's excited

we copied and pasted news pictures and warned us that we did not know what we were trying to understand

we went on sharing and a warning came up and we fell down and we had a little bit to solve, but Steemit was a bit late,

now we are working collectively trying to produce original content but no one who has fallen in love does not give you support and is sorry

do we know if we will continue to recover Do you think that we will break up again We will not be on the one hand

maybe it will be someday you will be where you want to be Never give up on your dreams will be too late Take it out on every occasion Never give up even if the system hinders you


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