Why Not?!? Yet Another Funko Pop Collection

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September and October have historically been our slowest months of the year since we opened up 11 1/2 years back. Business always falls off a cliff in one specific week and stays poor until the holiday shopping season kicks off.

It’s like my customers are all in some secret Facebook group and they plan out their plot to become deadbeats together. Maybe it happens in the first week of September. Perhaps the second. We’ve been lucky to have it happen in the third making us feel like retail warriors. Or like failures when it starts the last week of August.

But we can always count on it. At first we attributed it to school starting. People go back to college or school. Parents are busy getting in the groove of the new schedule. Sports, extracurricular activities, and more can bog a schedule. School supply shopping & new duds to rock also leave plenty of parents a bit strapped financially.

It’s just a strange phenomenon that EVERYONE seems to be in the same position around this time of year. That includes us...so we are always a bit more cautious when purchasing collections that walk in our door...and tons do just that. It’s like a fucking conga line with folks trying to raise some cash these months...between school starting and the holidays. What I’m trying to say is we are a lot cheaper and more frugal when we do buy a collection.

So when a tiny but decent Funko Pop collection entered our door today, I felt a bit sad as the gentleman selling it is a good customer and friend. We are just tired of Funko Pop collections. We have bought like 7 similar collections in recent weeks. There’s just no shortage, so at this point we pay a like $2-$4 bucks a Pop when it’s of this caliber.


In total there were 36 Pops. Lots of Rick & Morty pieces with some other randoms sprinkled in. A bunch of lower tiered exclusives with some retired pieces as well. He was hard up for a few bucks and didn’t want these anymore. He didn’t care what he got after I laid the sob story of how we are being picky and blah blah blah. He said “gimme $90 bucks bro”. I felt like that was too big an ass raping so I told him I’d do $125. That ended up breaking down to $3.47 a piece.

We will ultimately end up getting around $70ish for the Prince John, $60ish for Ruby Rhod, and between $30-$40 bucks a piece on like 5 other pieces. The rest will trickle out between $12-$25 depending on the piece. Not too shabby overall. Best part is we were out of like 30 of the 36 on the floor so I just priced em up and plugged em in. I feel bad when it’s someone I like but we are just at the point right now where we have too much stock. It’s only worth it for us to take it on if it with minimal risk. Cash flow is too poor at the moment so it has to be worth it. I figure if we sold all of the pieces at the shop averages, it should bring in around $700-$750. I’ll take that investment anyday!!


(Sorry Greg)






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At least your guy seemed to understand the concept of Supply vs Demand. Particularly when you're talking commodities that have to be considered as a "want" not a "need"

Yeah he was cool about it. I just hate it when good people I like are trying to move stuff I don’t need. I always feel guilty but it’s like...look around dude...I don’t need it! Argh!!!

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