Wait, wait, know Greg D'Agostino?! Like, the dude from "The Tester"?

Holy shitballs, that's amazing. I watched the shit out of season 2 of that show back when it premiered on Crackle, and I always wondered if that guy was truly a colossal asshole, or if it was edited to make it appear that way. Dude came off arrogant as hell, claiming he'd spent "over a million dollars" on gaming through the years and basically treating the other people on the show like crap.

As awful as this is for you to have gone through, I'm glad you wrote about it. I haven't thought about "The Tester" in probably ten years, but man, the memories! Only you, man, only you would have to deal with this guy IRL and get burned by him three different times. Good on you for finally cutting him off.

I have no words.....

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