Steemit StarCraft 2 Tournament: Stray vs RogueFighter420. Join Now for a Chance to Win SBD Prizes.

in tournament •  9 months ago

The first Ladder Match has been cast and It was close. The first Match was won by Stray, a Zergling and Roach rush at the 5 min mark. The second match (2:56) was won by Rogue when Stray left his main base undefended after a major attack. The third match (36.24) Stray won the final match with Brood lords and Mutalisks after his initial rush was was blocked well by siege tank defense. Please Join in the Fun competitive tournament by leaving your Steemit name and Battlenet name in the comments bellow. There are 6 spots remaining.



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you mean RogueFighter420 hahahha not Rest100....i wish i was doing as good as he is hahahaha thats my dawg!!!!

I'd love to join only problem I have is to get it to work on Ubuntu! :/

That's so cool that you made a tournament. If you ever decide on making a dota or csgo one, let me know 😉

good work guys first game done! :) I see some mates on the list! :) awesome hope I get a chance to play/kick their asses ;)

I think it can do without the motormouth rap, but that's just me

love you! <3