StarCraft 2 Tournament Updated Spots are dissapearing Fast !! Reserve yours today!!! 10 spots

in tournament •  11 months ago


So a few people have quickly reserved there spots in the ladder with me. They are @Iamnotageek and @dialsamai. I wish to ask @serkagen or @Magnata and @ContentJunky to confirm there battlenet name with me. A reminder to everyone who wish to sapport this tournament, The liquid reward these posts recieve will make up the prize pool for the winners, Please give us a great experiance and make Steemit's first Real time stratagy tournament a memorable one, UPvote and comment. If you would like to reserve your spot for this exciting oppertunity to make some SBD rewards! then leave your battlenet name in a comment bellow and state you would like to reserve a spot.



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waiting for this tournament...

Still thinking bro :D


wow waiting for this :)

Peace be upon you, sir
Thank you for your participation

Shiiittt! I'll play!


alright, tell me your Battlenet name ether here or in a privet message on Discord Steemspeak please!



sweeeet, love your creativity mang!