Starcraft 2 Replay. Stray Wrecks Lanmower

in tournament •  10 months ago

Watch Me wreck Lan mower ... Next in line please step forward. After Cizo did not log into his steemit acount for 2 weeks I have dropped him from the ladder.I am willing to wager SBD on these matchups to make things more intresting. Put some money where your mouth is!! I currently have 34 liquid SBD to wager. If you are unreachable for an unreasonable amount of time. you will forfit your placement and be skipped.



GET WRECKED Content Junkie

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thanks for sharing

great gambling.. thanks for sharing

I've been around and I'm back in the tourney.
Just won vs stray in a 10SBD best of 3, 2-0.

Good games!