Starcraft 2 battle Match. Cizzo Wins 10 SBD !!! Defeats Stray

in tournament •  last year

So had to admit defeat today and give the medal to Cizzo. He is a great Terran Player who has his timing down and stratagy down perfectly. His build order is good and he admitadly Wrecked me. (sad face ) We had also pre arranged a wager that 10 SBD would be awarded to the winner. Cizzo won the prize and was paid immediatly after the two matches. Thank you to all the voters and watchers. Keep Sapporting Steem wagers on RTS games !!!

Screenshot (15).png

Come have fun with me ! bet some SBD!!!!

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you should let the audience make bets on who is gonna win!'

Seize the moment!

Fun games man! Thanks for making good on the wager. GG


Thank you for perticapating man, you are a really good Star Craft 2 player. enjoy your winnings!

@cizzo I didn't know you're crushing people at starcraft :)
hahahaaa, good job :)

seems like this is a cool one :)

wow i only beat stray 1 time out of 3 :) good job with the terren, i will learn from your replay on how to beat stray :)