One of my StarCraft2 Entertainment Replays to grow the tournament prize pool!

in tournament •  10 months ago

Im going to warn everyone that is compeating against me. Don't Play like a noob or you get Zerg Rushed!!! Especially you @ContentJunkie. :P

A reminder that I will need your Battlenet name with the number ending the handle in order to add all of the exsisting competitors. And If you Want to join the tournament there are still 10 spots left !! SBD Prizes will be awarded foreach level of this tournament.



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resteemed i'll see if I can run it on my laptop

Oh really
I play now this game


I will need your battlenet name and the number after it.

Nope never played this one! Catch you soon at the chat room!


Nice !
I gotta get in on this!



hello there stranger

Can u tell me how to play this...I am interested.

SBD prize is making curious to join this tournament.

I have no idea how to play this @stray...Are you available on discord ???


yes myname onsteemspeak is Stray. Youare welcome to message me.

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wow!!! never got a chance to play this..should give it a try :)