Self-driving tour, Our unbridled youth.

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There should also be a sense of responsibility
Said, represents sad
Smile, on behalf of sadness
Acting like nothing has happened means carrying something with you
Who, ever walk alone
Who, alone on a tall building
Whoever loved freedom
Who, ever let go for the dream
When you work late at night at home and still want to work until 12 o 'clock, that career.
All the cattle in the world
They worked overtime when they heard the news.
Come on!
Dry the chicken soup.
Hedged in the snow
Just do it
Don't ask too much of me.
Expect too much
I have a free and easy nature!
Along with the gender
Sometimes I worry about asking,
Time arrived something
Why is there no end? Why is there no beginning
I have many questions
How on earth are we going to understand it and describe it
Sometimes you get a call out of the blue,
Hearing a thoughtful thing,
Although it will affect your steps
But brought you into the past,
You know to comfort and care,
Hang up and hang up, talk and say something.
Things change.
In this virtual world.
When seeing a human face, dirty heart will be exposed
When you see a human heart, the ferocious face has been disguised!
Sometimes I feel lost, like a roller coaster, feeling weightless.
Sometimes suddenly seeing someone, like years ago, familiar,
Sometimes a sudden illusion, disappear friends, and suddenly back to the original city, the original intersection never left the same.
You say that you are glad to be happy, that you have been on the right road all the time, on the desolate road, on the scorching moor, on the way in. Encounter personnel, walk a paragraph to part company passes for a long time suddenly again companion but the line, the illusion on that kind of space, original tao is the same as a phase to seek, become parallel and line.
Che cheng square sunset sunrise, endless.
Come and go throng streamflow.
The years have precipitated the monuments, lifeless,
This life changes quickly
This life is so wild.

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