Pharaonic pyramids and Chinese pyramids

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                                Pharaonic pyramids and Chinese pyramids

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(The pyramids of Egypt)

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(China's creations in architecture)

The Egyptian pharaohs proved to the world how skilled they were

And the extent of the science they reached

They came to things that humans could not know yet

The most important secret of the process of embalming

Which until now has been buried with the Pharaohs

They also reached a very large level in medicine, science and astronomy

Despite the primitive life they lived in

Egypt was famous

Great pyramids

Pyramid of Khufu, Khafra and Munkra

Which proved to the world the skill level of the Pharaohs in construction

They went to build pyramids

Because they believe in the immortality of the soul

And their belief in the Baath and immortality

And if you look at the pyramids

You will ask yourself

How could they raise those huge stones?

To these high altitudes?

The pyramids did not exist in Egypt only

Where I arrived in China

China has 37 pyramids distributed throughout China

 In different sizes and shapes and contain many treasures and great monuments

All these pyramids were built as tombs of the Chinese emperor

And the similarities between them and the pyramids of the Pharaohs

They are built for the same purpose as tombs

And they are built in the desert

Far from flooding





在不同的大小和形状, 并包含许多宝藏和伟大的纪念碑






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best of luck china

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thanks alot

You raise great points.
I can't believe the mm accuracy of the huge stones.
The perfect 30 deg alignment (they had stars but not theodolites!

But it's the constructions in Sth America & China & other places at a similar time that interests me.
Did these different 'tribes' communicate?
how or why did they build similar constructions?


I will publish another article for it


Cool. I've read a lot, just wish I had a time machine to go back & find out!


It is the most beautiful stage in which humanity has experienced pure air and everything is simple, yet it has achieved things that we can not achieve now


If you go there do not forget to take me with you hhhhhhhhhhh