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We often read about dating but what happens afterwards? Learn the characteristics of healthy relationships and find out how to strengthen your marriage.

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A healthy relationship is the one where each person respects him/herself and each other without being jealous or controlling.

This respect goes beyond a good communication. It reaches our personality and our interests. In a healthy relationship, your couple respects you the way you are. He respects your interests, opinions, hobbies, work, etc.

Some people make their couple leave their friends and hobbies little by little to pay attention only to him. At the beginning the bliss makes this seem to be ok. But then we realize we are not being ourselves and we might miss our old “me” and our friends.

Other times it is oneself who gives up her own personality to become centered in her couple. We might then adopt the other's tastes, likes and dislikes, way of speaking and behavior. This might seem a good way to catch the other person at first, but as we develop in our relationship, our couple can get tired and find us to be a burden. Most of us like people who have their own personality and likings, their own opinions and hobbies, not people without opinion or personality.

Other things you can do to improve your relationship are:

-Developing a fluent and open communication.

-Spending time together doing something rewarding.

-Treating each other with love and affection.

-Having common goals.

-Having a good sense of humor.