Tomorrows Prophecy from a 3,300 year old text!

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Torah Code discovered! 19th August 2018 - 8th Elul 5778

Yah from Ra-El, Him Lear,
Yah the 8th Ruff whats above me?
Fire/Conflagration, Phenomenon, Reddish.

8th Elul 5778.jpg

Conflagration - an extensive fire which destroys a great deal of land or property.

More Torah Codes with extremely High Odds, with the number 8 being significant!

Torah 8 Lord YHVH Ra & Richard
Torah 8 Lord YHVH Ra & Richard.jpg

Witness The Redeemer by 8 Lear
Witness The Redeemer by 8 Lear.jpg

"The number 8 is symbolic of an entity that is one step above the natural order, higher than nature and its limitations."

More End Times Information:

follow me!


Fulfilled in more ways that one

Seems it is to do with the Great Burning away of the tars

It seems you will encounter something very important from Above ...!

More fulfillment of prophecy.

Sounds like an apocalyptic red scenery, God expressing appreciation for His sons, and perhaps recognition from Russia. The Lord has been working on Russia as He has already given them blood rain, and 3 hours of darkness.

Look up Richard...

Very exciting discoveries!

Very clear codes, it's about to get very interesting!!

Interesting. The number 8 also represents infinity.

Its very interesting!!!

Spot on!! Reddish skies were reported throughout the globe on 19 Aug 2018.

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