What Should I Post about ?

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Well I'm having a little trouble to find to post about anything , Ofcourse I can post about some bullshit stuff , however as you noticed my blog got a little shittier and smaller content , it was long ass articles and a lot of wikipedia before , however its more about me and my hobbies right now.

I play a lot of games should I go back to doing long game reviews from time to time ?

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If your having a hard time coming up with a post then just do the opposite of finding a post topic and just let the post topic find you! That is what I do when I run out of ideas, I just accept the fact that my posters block probably won’t last forever, so I just do something else until the next bright idea manifests!

I originally subscribed to you for game content, but as beginning fantasy author, I would also value some feedback on movies / books from fantasy / science fiction. What they do wrong or could do better.

Ben okuyodum valla bütün game reviewları bence o konsept tutar devam et bıro


Hey :) I just found your account through discover on Partiko. I do really like games. I don't know what your stance is on game reviews but something tells me that it's not your absolutely favorite content to make. Why not try posting tips, news or other things going on in the world of gaming? I will follow you now and I hope to see some awesome ass content soon ;)

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Oh they have discover on Partiko , thats nice I'm not making those content a lot but hopefully I will start posting detailed reviews again