Top amazing puzzle games giving tough challenges to android users

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Meta: Looking for puzzle games to train your brain and unlock your talent, do not stop reading and find out all the great games out there for an Android user like you.

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Puzzle games are a popular genre in the world of mobile games because they are both fun and addictive. In addition, these puzzles can improve your problem-solving skills.
Puzzle games invaded the app catalogs for Android. But among the mass of titles available, which ones are really worth a look? Today, we recommend a list of the top challenging puzzle games currently on Android.
Candy Crush Soda
Candy Crush Soda takes over the mechanics of King's game. Here again, it is a question of completing different grids in a minimum of actions. The goal is to swap two boxes of the grid to create lines of at least three elements of the same color.
Candy Crush Soda, however, adds a new thing: bottles. It is no longer a question only of candy, but also of drinks. You will have to burst all the bottles from the rack in order to completely fill it with soda.
The grid is not completed by above, but by below.


King takes the same formula as Candy Crush but enriches it with some new mechanics. For the many addicts of the first version, Candy Crush Soda will soon be indispensable.
TwoDots is a derivative version of Dots, still developed by PlayDots. As in the first version, it is a grid game in which you have to connect points of the same color in order to make them disappear.
Unlike Dots, TwoDots offers pre-established grids at different levels. In each level, you must fulfil a certain goal with the least amount of moves.
An addictive choice, TwoDots improves upon the first version of the game and offers real difficulties.
It’s free to play, but you can buy the full version to get unlimited lives.
Is it necessary to present 2048? Yes, it is. This logic game spread quickly on the web and has made many players try to reach the goal of the game: get the tile 2048.

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The gameplay is simplistic: it must be assembled (through additions) on a table of different tiles of similar values to arrive at creating the most important figure.
The space will soon be lacking - but with technique, and also patience,you will one one day reach the Holy Grail - 2048.
It is difficult to get simpler gameplay than 2048. And yet, the least we can say is that the difficulty is not to be underestimated.
Threes is the game that influenced the famous 2048. At first glance, the principle is the same. It's about moving boxes with numbers on a grid to merge them. However, the game, first released on iOS before arriving on Android last March, offers different mechanics.
Indeed, firstly the boxes move box by box and not from one side to the other of the grid. Then, if it is a matter of adding multiples of three, there are also boxes one and two that can only be merged together to form a three.
Even for someone accustomed to 2048, the mechanics of Threes differs widely and the game is different in many aspects.

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The challenge is enhanced by the boxes 1 and 2 that appear, and the design, which is clean and very nice. However, the game is only available as a paid version, which is 1.43 euros.
Puzzle Retreat
Puzzle Retreat is a game where you place blocks of ice, fire, earth or air on your grid to fill in all the gaps. The game is free, but without spending a single euro, only the basic version of ice blocks is available.
Within the application it is possible to buy other modes and therefore other puzzles, for 90 cents each.
Very well designed, Puzzle Retreat works in a simple way, without a stopwatch and without embellishment. It will sometimes be necessary to torture oneself to know where to place which elements and in what order.

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A good stimulus for reflection. Too bad that not all modes are available for free.