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Keeping children entertained while you are camping or shopping is no longer a hash task with the support of role playing games. Keep reading to know more.

Finding suitable games for your beloved kids isn’t an easy thing to do, as there are a ton of role playing games on the current game market. And they could somehow drive you crazy. As you don’t you much time to do research thoroughly, so we are here to help you. Keep reading to know top 3 role playing games for kids.
3 Best role playing games for kids
This list below is top role playing games android that we took time and effort to choose. Hope you find it helpful and informative.


For those who are looking for a whimsical game for their children, Cat Quest may fit all their requirements. It is a tongue – in – cheek action role playing game developed by the Gentlebros.
The player’s mission is entering a quest to save his catnapped sister from the evil villain Drakoth and his scary dragon minions. Your kids also have the chance to explore the world and support their fellow cats while conquering monsters.
This is a typical role playing game for kids as it is super easy to play. All the gamers need to do is tap on vulnerable foes to strike, dancing away every time enemies charge up and pressing to bring up the magic spells.
The Cat Quest is ideal for both short bursts and long sittings. Please be noted that there are many cat puns.

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It is obvious that the Harry Potter books and films are so famous that no one can deny their attraction. In case you are a big fan of Harry Potter, why not give Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery a try. I bet that it will be your most lucid decision ever.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery stands out among other role playing games in the gaming market as it is all about creating your own and unique adventure. In detail, you could customize your avatar and pick up a certain Hogwarts house that you belong.
The reason why we put this game into the role playing game list for kids is simply that no one doesn’t love wizards, right?
Your mission is taking on rivals, forming alliances, competing for the House Cup and solving the mystery of the disappearance of your brothers in the school for wizardry and witchcraft.
This free role playing game online is easy to play. So download and play it now.
Wanna take a relaxing trip through evolution and gaming history, let’s play Evoland 2.
Under your direction, two characters called Kuro and Fina take a long journey through numerous genres and eras of gaming history in order to save the world.
Combining a wide selection of eras and genres from the top – down to side-scrolling platformers, trading card games, bullet hell shooters, and rhythm battles, Eveland 2 gives you the best gaming experience ever.
In our point of view, it is one of the best role playing games.

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To sum up, Cat Quest, Harry Potter and Evoland 2 are our big recommendation. Let check it out to know more. Hope your kids have fun.

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