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Topic: Forum Rules

Individuals posting on this forum are required to follow the rules of this forum.

All discussions should remain on topic as much as possible with reasonable leeway given to matters related to future technology. This forum’s primary focus is the future of technology.

If a forum post goes too far off-topic a warning will be given and the post may be hidden from other forum members or deleted from the forum. Repeated violations of this rule may get the individual posting off-topic issues banned from this forum.

It is recommended that a forum post should be at least two sentences long. Anything less shows that not enough thought was taken in the post and most likely isn’t productive towards the discussion.

Every member is expected to follow good standard morals and ethics. This includes being respectful of other forum members at all times. Occasionally there may be conflicts that arise when people express opinions. Forum members should be courteous when disagreeing with others. Personal attacks against forum members is prohibited.

Avoid using profanity on this forum even if it’s a direct quote from a source. If necessary use partial masking such as asterisks or punctuation marks to replace one or two letters in the profane word.

Also, avoid any offensive racist, sexist or bigoted language. Partial masking does not apply to this rule so just avoid this kind of language that would be found offensive by any reasonable person.

Do not post media, images or text which are protected by copyright law without permission. When posting material from an external source be sure to credit the source and provide a direct link if possible.

These rules and additional rules can be amended by the forum moderator to help clarify or resolve issues as they occur.

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