Can we have 1 free forum coupon for 5000+ SP holders for TokenBB ? Its the successor to chainbb with jesta cryptooctopus and reggaemuffin.

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Remember @chainbb the forums on steem project of 2017 with @jesta @cryptooctopus @reggaemuffin and all the cast and crew of the first forums hosted in the steem blockchain

Jesta created all sorts or new User Interface "standards" and paved the way for a design that many more steem apps would follow... granted they were also made by jesta but it's still beautiful. I live how chainbb and vessel looked so similar and the many features under those buttons are the real stars. Things like beneficiary rewards put into a button was first popularized on chainbb and it was for a while my only way to share post rewards with other users.

So I have a Idea to offer coupons of 1 free forum or a discount at least--or maybe give users the ability to pay with beneficiary rewards if their users.

I feel like a coupon code for every steemian with at least 1000 or 5000 or 10,000 SP would really help get the ball rolling and have people using this system since they wouldn't have to pay to create a forum.

Anyway heres some more screenshots I found of tokenbb- and I'm confused as to how some people already have a token forum maybe they got early access like weedcash did for scotbot?

These last two images seem to be from maybe an earlier front end of tokenbb

You can see how it has changed recently Or maybe it's a new skin? I hope we have the ability for custom CSS like subreddits etc

But anyway thanks to @jesta @cryptooctopus and @reggaemuffin and check out their latest posts about @tokenbb for latest news on the release of this great FORUM ON STEEM project.

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