Today i have to visit a govt hospital

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Today i bhave to visit a govt hospital. My friend was running and accidently hit the door. She got a cut on ber eye brows. I went with her for emergency to a govt hospital.
I was thinking in my mind that my friend is really secrious injury and when we will reach hospital all doctor will rush towards her and medication or operation will be start.
But actuay in reallity was totally different. The emergency was full with patient. They yuide me to go towwrds minor dressing room. Where already 3,4 patients there which was 2 children of them. The one child is badly injured bis legv by road accident and was in worse condition. I cannot see him. After few time our no came and doctor make 2 stitches on his eyebrow . when we were entertained a couple of more patient arried which was also road accident. I forgot my friend condition and see patients there in worse condition. I pray for them ane ease you also pray for hospitaized patiente.

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