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Hello beautiful steemit friends,

If the benefits of the holidays have vanished long ago and you have fallen back into the usual hated daily nightmare, perhaps it is appropriate to develop a shock strategy to combat stress and the pain of living and regain the joy of peaceful days.

More and more people suffer from anxiety, which, as we saw in our special on the symptoms of depression , in severe cases can turn into panic attacks, says psychologist Linda Blair, when stress is excessive " our body launches the alarm anxiously, panic attacks, sweating, rapid heartbeat without an apparent reason ".

Here are 10 tips to fight bad thoughts and live more lightly:

1. Intimacy :

The need for contact with others is essential in human beings. The company of others, explains Blair, is essential because " having meaningful relationships profoundly affects the sense of well-being: everyone is different and has different needs, but no one can do without the bonds with others "

2. Talking in the mirror :

maybe it may seem a bit crazy but it's definitely good. " It may be helpful to speak out loud in front of your reflection, please congratulate yourself, encourage yourself, it will help you identify with the sound of your voice and linger on your image, and if you're laughing, so much the better. release endorphins "

3. Life is better under the banner of slow:

... In fact, Blair tells us. "We are more and more accustomed to quick solutions that are more and more inclined to the logic of" everything and immediately. "We have to go back to thinking that the most important things, like good human relationships, require time and patience. as difficult as these "

4. Doing sports :

it is useful for relieving tension as it allows the release of endorphins, a natural antidepressant . The same effect can be achieved with a dance course, but also simply singing out loud, in short, singing that passes you: try it!

5. Being in the sun:

well-being, in fact, comes from the light and who does not feel better on a sunny day? Even in winter it is important to try to expose yourself to the benefits rays.

6. Cooking therapy:

cooking and eating to get better with yourself (in the face of the diet ). We had already talked about it in the article for Valentine's Day but now Phillip Hodson, of the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy, relaunches " We are what we eat, in every sense: food is the most lasting physical pleasure in our life". Choosing a recipe, selecting ingredients, carefully cooking a meal and enjoying it until the last bite is for the expert "sign of independence and maturity, because providing nourishment to oneself also means being able to give harmony and balance "

7. A hobby to live better:

" In this society - explains Phillip Hodson - if we have no interests, especially when we do not work anymore, it is difficult to feel important or useful ". For this reason cultivating our passions is very important, but only if it is a genuine passion that helps us to free ourselves from daily anxieties and worries.

8. Pet therapy:

whether you prefer feline pride or canine fidelity, there is no doubt that the presence of an animal at home has beneficial effects on the psyche, according to David Harper, a psychologist at the University of East London " having an animal offers the opportunity to focus on others rather than ourselves, so as to give (and receive) care and affection ".

9. Anti-stress gardening:

The gardening is a great hobby to treat depression . " This is because - explains the psychologist Harper - it helps to focus on something that needs care and attention, as well as being in contact with nature and seeing plants and flowers grow can make us actively feel part of it "

10. Helping others is priceless:

" The increase in time dedicated to work - adds Harper - often takes away from the community.There is the need to recreate small local communities: helping others and knowing who is close to us is also essential for our spirit ".

After all, the fullness of existence is given by the small things: the affections, the food, the contact with nature and the awareness that, despite the difficulties, life is a gift. To be accepted in its thousand flavors and above all tasted to the end.

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