How To Overcome The Itching / Vagina

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Vaginal itching is one of the most embarrassing problems especially when accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Imagine if the itching attack when you are standing in front of many people. If involuntarily touching the genital organs to calm the itching, it would be a matter of people's talk. Scratching the vagina will only cause irritation and injury, and eventually will appear infection.

Actually the itching of the vagina is common. However, do not be underestimated. Especially if the itching is accompanied by odor and whitish excessive. Vaginal skin and lips are susceptible to bacteria so easily cause itching if rarely cleaned.

Vaginal itching can be caused by fungus or allergic reactions. In the vagina, there are actually good bacteria that are important to maintain the pH balance. But when bacterial growth is overwhelming or when the bad bacteria begin to dominate the vagina, itching begins to feel. Not only that sometimes appear also smells and burning sensation.

Mushrooms can appear due to sexual activity, excessive sugar intake in the body, antibiotics, and weak immune system. Even chemical irritation due to washing the vagina with a certain soap can create a pH scale imbalance in the vagina that ultimately causes itching.
Avoid using antibiotics to overcome the itching of the vagina because antibiotics generally kill all types of bacteria including good bacteria that live in the vaginal ecosystem.
The best way to overcome the itching vagina is to perform regular treatments and using traditional herbs made from betel. Betel has been used by women in the past to treat itching in the vagina.
Unfortunately, the traditional recipe is rarely known by modern day women. For those of you women who are having trouble on her miss V area, can use traditional herb below.
To overcome vaginal itching in the vagina, try to follow the following traditional recipes:
Betel leaf to taste
Kawak acid
Two glasses of water
How to make:
How to mix ingredients
Wash the betel leaves until clean, then boiled with 2 cups water,
Give a little sour kawak leave to boil,
Then lift and chill.

Rules of use of herbs How to Overcome Itching In Pubic / Vagina:
Divided into 2 parts ½ part to drink, ½ part again to apply on the vagina.

Such is the article About Women The natural way of dealing with vaginal itching,
Hopefully useful for those who need it. Any effort that we strive for will surely yield results.

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