7 ways to give pleasure with your mouth (TIPS) everyone will love you +18

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The mouth is already one of the best tools that nature gave us, what if we put our versatile tounge into action.

  1. Make that kiss hotter. Run your lips with the tip of your tongue, something subtle and try not to put too much saliva, you can also lick the corner of your lips, try to bite your lower lip gently, we do not want you to think you're cannibal.
    con la boca 1.gif

  2. Let him (her) listen to you. Walk with the tip of your tongue your ear, while caressing his back or neck, moans very subtly in his ear, let him know your desire for more.
    con la boca 2.gif

  3. It's time to feel your humidity. Take her hand while you stare and take her hand to your mouth, you can put it first on your cheek, to feel your skin and then bring it to your mouth to caress the fingertip with your tongue and caress it with your lips.
    con laa boca 3.gif

  4. Hold it tight and take care of its neck, this is one of the most erogenous areas of the body, you can lick just behind its ear or go from its chin to the clavicle. Meanwhile your hands can caress your pubic, limb and buttocks.
    con la boca 4.gif

  5. Once more into passion, lick her nipples and give her soft hickeys, have a little pressure when sucking, take care of her teeth so as not to hurt her.
    con la boca 5.jpg

  6. Many times we forget the back and this is a large erogenous zone, pay attention to the lower part of your spine, lick with the tip of your tongue while you caress everything that is within reach of your body, try to lick just in the superior art of the union of the glutes.con la boca 5.gif

  1. The area "V" is the area that is formed between the bones of your hip and your intimate area, this can be good before starting oral sex, first licks and sucks a little right where the bones of the hip are .
    con la boca 7.gif

We hope that these tips, you have filled with desire to give a good time to your partner or pass it, you can pass this note so you know what you're thinking.

Enjoy ...

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

The mouth is already one of the best tools that nature gave us, what if we put our versatile tounge into action.
It should be tongue instead of tounge.