This Oriental Temple on Wheels Stole My Heart (MANDALA ECO HOMES)

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Based on the Balinese architectural style. This tiny temple home combines sustainable materials with intricate hand-carved wooden details creating the perfect feng shui for harmonious family living.


Welcome to Mandala Eco Homes

Imagine yourself relaxing in an exotic, beautiful, handcrafted home, cottage, tiny temple home on wheels, wooden yurt, gazebo or unique custom creation of your own design. In Bali, art is a way of life and architectural aesthetics have been shaped by centuries of world famous craftsmanship. Inspired by their architecture, Mandala Eco Homes set out in 2003 to create homes that would be long-lasting works of art to live in. They build everything in their own factory in Bali, the Indonesian paradise, from ecologically sustainable coconut hardwood.

"We believe that supporting sustainable, natural living spaces is a major key to making a conscious, responsible choice for our future." - Mandala Eco Homes

"These one of a kind homes feature sacred geometry in the inlays and carvings as well as in the shape and layout of the living spaces. This design choice creates harmonious feng shui and natural living building materials support inspiration and relaxation as well as promote deep sleep and healing." - Mandala Eco Homes


Home Styles

Below I will list all of the different types of homes Mandala Eco Homes creates. Each title is a clickable link and will lead you to more information on that type of home.

Tiny Temple Home on Wheels



Tiny Homes on Foundations



Full Size Eco Homes



Deluxe Yurt



Hexagon & Octagons






Solar Carports




The only pricing info I was able to find was this quote :

"Our deluxe Tiny Temple Home which was featured on HGTV is now for sale at $149,000, complete with high end appliances and ready to move in."

You can find more definite pricing information by Contacting Mandala Eco Homes


Virtual Tours

Get a closer look of these beautiful homes by watching a short video tour.

(above) Tiny House on Wheels


(above) Tiny Temple on Foundation



Best Regards,












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They are all beautiful...all those decks! But the Deluxe Yurt is especially dreamy and my favorite one...anywhere around $150K or even $200K still seems economical and not too expensive for any one of those complete treasures! I admire how they look culturally traditional...but not like traditional tiny houses. <3

I know, I want one so badly!
Most of the tiny houses I see are built on a budget, they just do not even come anywhere close to the detail and beauty that is offered with these Balinese style homes.
I love the Yurt as well, all that natural sunlight.
Ideally in the future, I'd love to have one of the bigger ones.
I'm curious about the price for every style, I may email them just to find that information out. I will write another post once I know more.

They have really stolen my heart too! The only problem with the yurt in my climate is the rain and snow...and the roof is fabric! I suppose that's why they are made for a tropical climate. Glass skylights would be a great alternative...and both listening and looking up at the rain would be very calming. These tiny houses really strike me as extra special because they aren't just modern industrial shelters that sacrifice beauty for of the things that I always hate about modern architecture. Pretty much all of the other designs have actual roofs and one even looks slightly they might be versatile for any climate. I can't imagine they take orders internationally so even the blueprints and proper local craftsmanship would be a dream come true. The wheels are spinning...and I can see a multi roomed yurt design that curves like a honeycomb and has a courtyard inside. Talk about my dream home! There is actually a Mandala Homes company an hour away and they specialize in small circular structures with reclaimed materials...but their designs pale in comparison...maybe I should email them the gallery links...hahaha.

Where I lived it actually snowed today. Hopefully won’t be living here for much longer, been here for 25 years.
Glass skylights sound like a great idea. Their website says they are available for custom creations as well. So possibly you could have something to suite your exact needs.

Where would you live...if you could live absolutely anywhere right now? And custom creations of this variety do seem like a necessity for a company like this to thrive. I would want my interconnected honeycomb yurts to go somewhere with sun all year round...and of course no snow! <3

That is somewhat of a hard question for me to answer considering I haven't had the chance to travel very much.
I would say, somewhere tropical, outside of the United States. Preferably Asia, although I would be VERY far from home.
Maybe Thailand? If not that far, the Caribbean.

Awesome...tropical is definitely ace! <3

I love the solar carport. Actually, they are all really nice. Thanks for the post. 🐓🐓

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I loved everything this company has to offer. The solar car ports are especially useful, could make the rest of the home self-sustainable. Plus the intricate carvings are just amazing.

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