Time Machine Writing Contest - "What Ifs"

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We've all been to a phase in life when we think of our what ifs. "What if I didn't do that?" What if I tried my best?" Etc. and wished we had a time machine to correct our what if and turn it to our what is. For me learning is not all about acquiring the knowledge you needed, the knowledge that you feel you must learn. It is also important for you to fail once in a while. A lot of us are afraid to fail and disappoint the people that surrounds us, but we should also realized that when we fail we will be aware of our mistakes and we could learn from it and correct it once we are caught up in the same situation again. Going to a battle without any knowledge and a combat skills is a battle you cannot win. And having just one, either having the knowledge or having the combat skills won't even give you a chance. We need them both. It is a inseparable pair we need in order to win.I will not be that hypocrite guy who would tell you I haven't failed anything in my 22 years if existence. I failed a lot, I must admit. I've done a lot or disappointments but honestly I won't regret those failures because it turned me into what I am today. I know God has plans for me, and I trust him. And if ever, or if given a chance for me to use a time machine, maybe I'll just walked through it, appreciate it but won't ever use it. 😊

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Decisions we have make really is the molding tool of ourselves today

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