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I know how hard it is to undergo in depression.
It's like, you think everyone laughs at you, they belittle you, as if you're just good for nothing.
You can't help it but to feel hopeless.
There'll be times that you wakes up in the middle of the night and cry for no reason.
You'll think that there's no one cares about you and nobody loves you.
And if you're not brave enough and has low self esteem, you'll end up living a chaotic life.
No one can help you to get over it but yourself.

Now, I still sleep late.
But I make myself busy with something like watching funny facebook videos, watching korean drama series and reading books. It helps me a lot.
It helps me forget.
And I won't stop until I fall asleep.

Sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I just remind myself that I have to sleep and disregard the things that haunts me. A glass of water helps a lot.

Some people usually misunderstood my late night sleeping habit.
But you know what? I don't give a damn with it!
I don't care what the world thinks about me.
As long as I know that I do not harm anyone, I'll live my life and love myself the way I want it to be.

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I was depressed for a month due to a breakup, but once you start loving yourself, then only will depression go away and you can start loving someone else again .... :) ;)

Well said my friend.

maybe what im feeling now

It depend on us how we handle it. Right?

Like in the koreanovelas you are fond of keep fighting! Aja!
It is so hard to be under depression and a lot of things don't work.
Hopefully you will have time to sort things out.

Yes. Hopefully.

yes do your own keep calm and just pray depression is hard but we can get thru it

Yes mam kasi tayo lang din naman ang makakatulong sa sarili natin.

That is a great way of fighting depression keeping yourself busy and it works.

Tama. The best cure and therapy for depressed people.

Nice post with lots of informations. Enjoyed reading. Thank you

Welcome. Admit it or not we do have depression in other ways. Thank you as well.

Nice story ss, one of trending topic on earth.... good job

Yes. Thank sis. Yung #Magpakailanman ang dahilan kaya napa post ng ganyan. Hahaha.

YOU should look for a hobby that will keep you Happy .. don't think too much.. Always remember that Everything happens for A reason.. The time will come you will be healed..

Yes sis. Too much thinking made you out of your mind. Diba nga sabi "TIME heal all wound".

I have been so depressed for the past 5 years but I handle it well. Think God before anything will work fine and ok.

I am speaking based on personal experience and yes, you are correct @mariarubie ! I have commented a lot of depression blogs on here and I'll say it again. To all those who have suffered from depression, my heart goes out to you and if you are a person who feels alone, sad, depressed, lost and or suicidal...remember your life isn't the only one that changes. You are also not alone, you only feel that way. Even people you do not know can help you and do it because they care. Reach out and ask someone for help, don't hide your pain because that will never heal it.

Btw, nice to meet you :)

I experienced that for so many times :(

what the actual hell are all of you talking about in here? depression? you know what is being depressed? living in a fucking third world country where people criticize each other for no reason but "raise their ego and bravado" get a goddamn dictionary and learn about syntax and some words to express your feelings please!!! (did this sound impositive to you?) well check my two or three entries and see if depression is only waking at 3 am sexually frustrated for living as a male in a world full of hypocrites from both sexes claiming equality, i cant have long hair, smoke weed, say something that may sound helpful or not cause all people see are the bad stuff on you, they claim they can box you on stereotypes without watching the selves that become more and more media influenced, AND I CANT EVEN FUCKING BEGIN TO THINK ABOUT ANY SINGLE DAY THAT MY SHITTY LIFE IS NOT A CONSTANT HELL EVEN CLOSED UP ON A LITTLE APT. ... you want to know what depression is? being a 25 year old man that has to be always closed up in a growing body with assholes claiming that i should quit being a child a geek and a faggot for having long hair yet feeling identified with the female gender in some mannerisms and ways of thinking and feeling, that doesn't make me gay or weak not even a better or worse human, this is a fucking way to tell you ... you came here to write important shit or just quick cash as i want on this platform?define all of yourselves and express your emotions in a less carton milk way dudes! never in my life has been so disgusted of an article to seek something that isn't there... COME ON"!!!! THE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE IS BEYOND IMAGINATION!!! ... if somebody did read until here and got that this is not a personal attack but a "please wake up and DONT be yourselves" shake your heads and realise that there is no ying yang good or wrong just hypocrisy and the need of every other human being to crush your dreams, goals, and even expressions in public by making a miny army of douches pointing and laughing of how you look what did you say what you wear and calling you a faggot... man isnt irony sweet? will any of you please watch george carlin stand ups from hbo and get life is bullshit? be happy of being depressed if that shit gives you the ideas to search for some history lessons on internet that no teacher gave you on school or university... technology, education the real one... not that egocentric "im a teacher you're wrong".... all the beautiful things on this misserable human pest world filled with wars for money and then social media propaganda to make a soft language for things like bombing the middle east ... please just please go to youtube and search for a channel called Top5s it will change your life and perspective of what world is and where do we all are in on the different places of this little planet on this little solar system on the vast space out there ... maybe just maybe you shall understand that being sad for being a manipulative male with a child like mind that just wants to fulfil his capitalist, materialist and after all hedonist view on this planet isnt bad after all, when nowadays girls can use the fake feminism as a way to humilliate and make some men feel like germany on the end or WWI ... got it? am i filling you with many layers of pointless breakdowns or do you really understand why im fucking pissed that you're getting 4 bucks out of this little bullshit and my three or so articles need to get followers upvotes and many attention beyond three motherfucking paragraphs alltogether saying "i drink water at night" ... damn good for you ... where is my fucking money?

It's a difficult battle, but keep fighting.

You might want to look into taking SAMe, a supplement that can be purchased in a health food store (in US). This was very helpful for my son. Also get plenty of omega 3 oils (wild salmon, sardine and herring) and sunshine for your body's own production of vitamin D. I wish you the best!

Are you still a night owl after 4 months? Thanks for sharing this part of your life. I became a night owl again because I feel most productive in these moments where you don't have to be afraid of anybody could disturb