Disturbing truth about the society, they are begging to buy a rugby!

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If we take a look around us, we can see different people from different walks of life. We came from different situation, different status of life and we have different goal. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure...we want to survive from the world that full of cruelty.

One of my friend message me in facebook, he is the author of a book with the title, "different faces of random people". He is a professional photographer travelling from Korea to different part of the world just to take photos of different people from different places.

He was in the Philippines last week, to take photos of random people in Bacolod city. After that, we've met and discussed about his advocacy her in Philippines. But what makes him worried, are the situation that is happening around that involves kids.

Mother and Child Sniffing Rugby as their daily consumption

As far as i know, rugby is used to sticking object together. But these people, using rugby to sniff and what ever reason, it is not good anymore.


Have you ever encountered the same thing? I saw it sometimes, a group of kids hiding in one corner and holding a plastic putting in their nose and they are breathing in and out inside the plastic. Later then i know, it was a rugby boy as what people called it. Because inside of that plastic is rugby that they can bought somewhere else for only 5 pesos.

Now, this pictures shows how a mother in child spending time sniffing a bottle of rugby until it dries, its their daily habits. They are doing it in public places? As if, no one cares for them. Yet, this substance can kill innocent child, can destroy their brain and later on you can find them somewhere else out of their mind.

What this little kid knows about the thing she is sniffing?

One thing she knows is that,its a rugby and it makes her feels good when she smells the odor of the rugby. But she didn't know actually, if how this things slowly can destroy her self.


We need to be aware of it. No one implemented the not to allow stores to sell Rugby and people not to use it. This thing can be bought anywhere, any store for affordable price. Rugby is dangerous, its like drugs. It will slowly damage the brain of every one who used it and those who are addicted into it.

According to interview, one one reason why these people are using rugby and sniffing it until they will satisfied is that. It helps them to relax and forget the empty stomach that is looking for foods. This is really crazy reason, why these people are taking rugby as the replacement of their meals.

We can do something to help them?

As part of the community, we can help them by any means.

We can educated them what is the effect of that ruby into their health. Helping them to understand there are ways to overcome it, to overcome poverty if that is the main reason why they are doing it. As a steemit member, we can use steemit to help the community and change those people who are doing it.

Stand and take actions....


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Poverty is always the main reason.

This could be just one of the many problems that we will encounter when we are outside on our comfort zone .one of my friends told me once Ang buhay ya isang malaking quiapo!

OMG! This is scary tho I like the smell of rugby but I dont intentionally smell like the way they do.

oh my god. I felt sad for them

Thanks for posting. Good job on this information. It serves as an eye-opener for the people.

damn..this is very sad..

They are the victims of our society ..