TIL let the dog poop...

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Out for a walk this morning, late for work, the dog is just sniffing around playing his usual dog games. Figuring he wasn't going to take his normal morning dump, I drag him back towards the house. As I'm opening the gate, I take a look bag to see the dog doing his business right on the door mat. Was it nice and solid, easy to pick up? Of course not, this was a 10 minute cleanup job. FML

Have you had an experience like this where your dog did something that seemed like it was intentionally making a point just to spite you? Let's hear your stories!

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Yes, I feel your pain. Recently, I took my kids to school and brought the dog along. (He usually lifts his leg up to pee on something about once a minute.) In the just-before-the-bell rush of kids and parents, the dog stopped and I thought he was peeing on a plant. I turned around to see a big brown mess right on top of a plant. It wasn't the kind you could pick up quickly with a bag. And it was almost directly in the path of all the oncoming kids and parents. Ick.

I've totally been there, in my case it was in the middle of my office lobby. Poor dog was so embarrassed.

Yes I've had that happen several times just like that. Except I lived in NYC and my long haired shepherd would do it out the front door on the sidewalk in the middle of tons of people. Shitty experiences I must agree.... pun intended haha

Thanks for the laugh tho
Steem on!

I don't have a dog... but I'm pretty sure my kids have intentionally made messes just to get to me. My favorite is when we would go sledding and they would wait until every last pierce of winter clothing was put on perfectly... and then they'd announce they needed to go to the bathroom. Kids are jerks. ;)

Oh boy, I can't wait for that one!

Haha! I sure learned something too :)