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RE: Ticket Ninja - Decentralized Blockchain Tickets (Because Nobody Likes Ticketmaster)

in #tickets6 years ago

That could be a feature that is implemented for sure and gain some exposure for this platform and allow tickets to be bought by those who like to write great stories, but don't really want to move money into exchanges and connect to bank accounts.


I'm using a white label ticketing solution called radario. Its half the solution, but theres one thing to be considered for tickets - there are legal aspects because events usually need to be government-approved unless if its understandbly an anarchist event thats under the radar, or cryptos being accepted or masked from "official" records. That's the understanding I've gained from organizing fairly large events.

Very interestining @kevinwong! Can you point me to a link that shows some of the specifications for an event to be government approved?

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