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Hello to the entire 3speak community, yesterday I posted my first video here and I'm glad you liked what I did, plus the welcome message seemed fun 😜😉.

Today I want to share with everyone my drawing process of this mermaid, which I did a few weeks ago and I edited the video a few days ago, the computer is very crowded and sometimes I found it a little difficult to record some videos because there was no space [Even there is not so much] or some part of the process was restarted and lost. Beyond that, you can see very well how I make my drawings.

I say goodbye until a new video. I hope you enjoy this video. Tell me in the comments, what you like and what you don't like about this drawing, that helps me improve.

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Ay yanes yo amo las sirenas 😍
Esta llena de detalles sus aletas en sus manos, su cabello, sus orejas, su piel, aparte esa intrigante me llevaste al mar muy profundo jaja me encantó. Te admiro amiga 😍

Muchas gracias amor, también amo las sirenas pero las mas "reales" en pocas palabras que asusten y sean misteriosas... pero ese tipo de contenido no es aceptable para ntopaz, así que las tengo que hacer fresitas. XD

Los hechos han surgido ... ahora eres mejor que los PhotoShops que yo ... ¿Cómo haces esto? ¿Cómo gira el lienzo mientras trabaja? ¿Eres algún tipo de robot? ¿Usas tus poderes para el bien o para el asombroso?

Thank you very much my love, I appreciate that you have commented to me in Spanish... I like it!!! XD

hehehehe I do not do it to impress... it is because I do not see very well and I must enlarge and the turns are due to my left hand to find comfort... so I use my powers for the sake of myself. LOL

Not at all, I'm not a robot... if it were, it would be a very defective one.

@yanes94, Your work is reflecting the Professional essence and the end result is very effective and very Imaginative.

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Greetings @chireerocks, thank you very much for your appreciation, I'm glad you saw my video and think that about me. ;)

Welcome and have a blessed time ahead.

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Thank you!!! ;)


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Thank you very much @helpie and @georgeboya!

I liked very much. Amazing job. It would be nice to see more of your work soon. Like and Suscribe :)

Thank you @emiliomorles! I hope you like the ones I'll upload later.

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