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Regards to everyone on the 3Speak community. It is a great pleasure to finally be a 3Speaker. I heard of this awesome video and free speech platform long time ago but did not have the push and courage to make use it but I'm glad I finally made it here.

This is actually my first video with 3Speak and it is some sort of introduction. It also contains what I look forward to be doing in my upcoming videos. I do hope to improve on the video quality subsequently.

I'm really really excited to be here on @3Speak because it has a very unique and simple User Interface and features. I do hope many get to subscribe and begin to use the platform. I would recommend @3Speak to anyone cause it is worth it.

Thank you and kudos to the brains behind this awesome platform in the persons of @theycallmedan @oracle-d and a host of many others.

Anticipate more videos!

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Welcome onboard brother. Just like you encouraged me to join steem about 20 months ago, l, today also encourage you to step up the game by being a video content creator on Steem Blockchain.

Using @threespeak will avail you the opportunity to showcase more of your humanity.

I hope you'll also tell your friends about as I see it as an emerging Video sharing platform for every school, media house, church and Business outfit.

Welcome once again.

Thank you brother. I will tell as many as I can!

@tomlee, Good wishes from my side and hope that from this point of time your Content Creation Journey will going to be blessed one.

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Thank you my friend


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Congratulations brother @Tomlee. This blog has been curated at 100% marlians upvote by @Writeandearn.

Keep shining the light..

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