Steem Q&A: How to "New Steem"

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Wake up call to authors & curators.

Post whatever you want; don't worry about the downvotes. Lazy curators are the ones that get punished on over rewarded content.

Overly obsessed with rewards. Bid bots and spam self voters were the biggest threat, they are now for the most part evaporated and switched to curation; now let's just let reward disagreement have its place.

What would you do today if you knew steem was going back to ATH?

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Firstly - Love the title! And yes, the results of the HF are night and day, but in my personal experience and behaviour, I have not changed anything AT ALL! There was no need to and much like you have said... at the end of the day you have the right to post whatever you want - but you just need to be open to the reception of all outside opinion. (Just like any other social media platform - but super sized haha)

I don't see why people should walk on egg shells, nor do I see why conscientious auto voters should be punished either. I manually curate and I auto vote because my 3D life does not always afford me the opportunity to sit, read and curate - but my SP sitting at 100% for 48 hrs serves no purpose to anyone - and for that reason, I have selected specific individuals to be on autovote because I am 100% confident in the fact that they are A) consistently producing good content or B) are involved in curation and I am ALL for supporting those projects. And for 90% of those "autovotes", I refer back to those posts and give the engagement via comments that they initially deserved.

With regards to the whole downvoting thing - I am humored by how "surprised" people are acting that it has gone somewhat "haywire". It is literally the talk of the town at the moment and I don't get why... Give people a buffet dinner at no cost and HELL YEAH - they are going t pack those plates full and shove everything they can down their throats! It is sadly, a common human trait. Self control and rationality of mind is becoming a "few and far between" aspect of human nature. But this should NOT stop people from feeling like they can "own" their own blog space.

People are going to RIDICULOUS lengths with the shift - but I suppose it is natural to have this occur and it will take a little time for the excitement and dust to settle.

People mostly focus on the wrong things... and the "politics" of this place (in my opinion) is one of those things... It is so easy to get wrapped up in the CRAP - arguing with multiple people for DAYS at a time over 2 Steem. Personally, I choose to focus elsewhere! I want to look at the good things - let's use that energy constructively, not destructively.

hahahaha @ savage style! LOVE IT!

Hats off to you Dan.

What would you do today if you knew steem was going back to ATH?

Same as everyday, power up.

If only people could realize that once this blockchain becomes popular people will "fight" over a single steem token...that's exactly why the ones that either invest in Steem now or at least try hard to earn Steem via blogging etc will be benefited the most.

To be honest with you Dan I can't dream myself being financially independent. No shit...At least with Steem I might have a shot.

Thanks for being present when people feel completely demotivated.

Have a great one mate

I have bought and powered up more Steem in the past few months than I did prior to this. I like the direction that we are headed.

As for what I am doing in terms of posting and avoiding downvotes, I am posting pretty much the same as I always have been. I know the downvotes will come every now and then, but that is just part of the game here. Most of the time the downvotes are coming from troll accounts with no backing to them so I just shrug them off. I just focus on what I can control, and that is the content that I am posting and the content that I am curating. Once you realize that you can't control what others do on this platform it makes this a much better experience. I post what I want and I reward the content that I appreciate.

'Go for it 100% savage style....'


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That honest question asked at 7:15, that was one of the most important thing and directly shooted it to everyone, seriously that made me think, had the adrenaline rush but at the same time like the idea about giving 100% in towards what we want.

Steem Blockchain is the place for trial and error, I liked it where you said , if you have Resource Credit, post whatever you want, regardless of upvote or downvote. Steem was ment to be like that.

Standing at two places at once i.e. 50:50 (profit:loss) definitely won't work, that is for sure. So far at-least for me it didn't worked in many cases. Rather whenever I pushed myself into anything 100%, it was the prime success and changes me to the core Everyone would want the bullish market to last forever but noone want to stay in the race forever. Bull market brings blossom, including the blossom of poison ivy, there are too many distractions and plenty of them are bias. The year of 2017-2018, ICO and Tokens would pop-up from every corner of the world, it made only few people millionaire, and those were the who focused during the Bear market and ignored the Bull market. "Even it's been early for us (Steem), we are miles ahead of most, if not all", Wow, very well said Dan. Thank you.

This is Going to be my new punch line "100% Savage Style".

Everyone needs to hear this! :) #Resteemed


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I really love this @ theycallmedan it is really awesome thanks for updating us on stuff like this

Thank you so much @theycallmedan for this.... Hope many will read and hear this😥
My spirit for steem is highly lifted😊

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I like the analogy with the falling chips. However, malicious downvotes are mostly a private conflict. I hope. If not, hopefully it doesn't hit too hard. Well in general these habits ease out by time.

I think the hard part is that many people feel like the last HFs gave even more power to those who already had the biggest stakes. The new non-linear voting means that until you get to $20 payout, you get less than before. Most small accounts don't get even close.

Now there's also groups of people who have decided that their vision for Steem is the best one and anyone who falls outside that is downvoted. Some talk about removing profitability from vote buyers, but I've seen people who bought say $10 in votes get downvoted by a trail of autovoters for $12. (You talked about lazy curators, what about lazy flaggers?) So it wasn't about the profit, otherwise the downvotes would have stopped at $2 or $3 to remove any profit.

I know more people who are thinking about leaving Steem because of newsteem than I had seen in a while before it. I'm reluctant to post even this comment because I know it will open me to the downvote trail from ocdb. It's funny how so many crusaders come in declaring themselves the savior, but end up doing so much damage.

Steemsilvergold was doing a push to increase exposure of the annual Steem Silver Round we selling. Not only does it help us share our love of precious metals, it is a physical representation of Steem. One would think that such a marketable piece would be valuable to newsteem because it would increase exposure of Steem to a different market of people. However, because donated monies were used to buy votes and get greater exposure, the downvotes rained down. Any "profits" (which would have been used to support the group anyways) and then some were removed by the new sheriff and his pals. When a large community starts beating up smaller communities, how can we expect the small communities to stay bullish on Steem?

I wish things were different. I've been here almost two years and have put a lot of time into Steem. I just think it's headed the wrong direction. Newsteem made it worse, not better for the smaller accounts. It changed the rules so those with much have more, plus they can take away more from those who have less. (More rewards and free downvotes)

At the end of the day, I don't need the "income" from Steem to pay bills. Thank goodness too! If I did, I'd be a lot more worried, but as it is I just question if it's a good use of my time. That's a question we all have to ask about all things in life: "Is it worth it?"

Speaking of direction, is it true that Steemit changed it so regardless of what front-end you use to post, the search engines and such direct to Steemit? I forget what the term is for that, but it seemed worrisome.

Just some of my thoughts. You don't have to agree. Have a good day regardless!

You are so awesome @theycallmedan. You encouraged us most especially on the time we were on the trouble how steemit would be after HF21. Some people said, we could not earned anymore and it would be the earning of all high level Steemian,,, but I never stopped, I keep myself thinking for a positive aspects and thank you that I got no wrong, I love #newsteem and you are one of those people who did a good pushed on us.
Let's steem on #newsteem together.

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Well said! A great summary and explanation for whoever left steam for a while and now is back and don't know what are the changes with the new steem. And there are some amazing advice too, thanks for it! Needed some encouraging words in the morning :)

That is really true, the downvote is there for those who do not want to work but want rewards.

ATH for Steem sounds nice right about now. I know without a pump the monetary rewards aren't there right now, but this time really does feel different with New Steem. I've been blogging quite a bit since the hard fork and the nice psychological kick I get when posting is something that was missing in the early days of Steem. I've also noticed some of my favorites in the platform are more prolific too, so I don't think I'm the only one. It seems like all the bad vibes have finally subsided and this place is finally evolving into the original vision intended for Steem.

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very disappointed the way downvotes are being used people who used to love this place the most are forced to leave

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@theycallmedan, I will be genuine here. If Steem reaches to it's ATH then also nothing will change for me because i faced both Bulls and Bears and i always move forward with my choice and that is More Creation and More Curation. As an Full Time Steemian i am selling my Liquid Steem to go through from some expenses, ATH will be real boost for sure, but anyway i will continue strongly because Steem is my Second Home. Stay blessed brother.

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