Reaction to Dave Chappells’s Sticks & Stones shows “woke culture” is failing

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Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special “Sticks & Stones”, which came out on August 26th 2019, has created new controversy for what the MSM saw as Dave Chappelle’s criticism of woke culture within the media. The recent Rotten Tomatoes score of Dave Chappell’s new show stands at 17% rotten at the moment, although the audience score almost stands at 99%. This shows the massive divide between those in charge of the authoritarian tech oligarchy/MSM and the general population. In fact, you could say the divide is so immense that Rotten Tomatoes paid reviewers have nothing in common in any gradation whatsoever with the general population. The Rotten Tomatoes score was left at 0% for at least a week before it was updated with the 17% score today, September 3th 2019, which seems also to be done for a reason; constructing a jumping point for the authoritarian news outlets to lambast the show by proxy of an “artificially” low Rotten Tomatoes score. I go into this as well as some other things in this video.

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I enjoyed Sticks & Stones. Was refreshing seeing someone just speak it how they want to speak it. Some of the jokes were outta there, like the MJ jokes but was entertaining because he gave zero fucks.

Yeah, I am of the same opinion - it was refreshing, to see something new!

Dave is the only “real” comedians these day!

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He is alright, some of his old stuff, is some of the funnest things I have seen. Especially the stuff with Charlie Murphy!

Damn, we all miss the great Charlie Murphy! 😭

@theouterlight, No matter which show it will be categorised by the Audience and some will get closer with that show and some will be divided from it.

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I said on another post that i think that the professional critics are afraid to NOT dislike this show because of potential SJW blowback. I would imagine they laughed as much as anyone in private.

If anyone could pull this off it would be Chappelle. Dude doesn't really need the money. I remember when he was doing Chappelle show and was offered 80 million bucks for a new season and he was just like "no thanks" and then disappeared from the public eye for several years.

He called it though, it's funny how he could say that he would be attacked for this special and just like clockwork the consistently offended masses predictably do precisely that!

I don't think anyone who likes Dave would take the Rotten Tomatoes score seriously. The bad press is only helping him.

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