Marky On Air Episode 19 Recording

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Marky On Air Episode 19 Recording

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  ·  last month (edited)

Don't want to be hypocritical so I am commenting on your post and telling you why I upvoted it. The videos that you have been posting on #3speak are educational and are worth a listen. I would encourage everyone to pay attention to your videos (the Marky-On-Air Videos I meant to say. Your gaming videos? Not really my thing. Then again that is just my personal preference. I am sure others like watching you along with others playing video games. The value of content on STEEM is subjective. You probably would not watch a video where I crochet an afghan, others might! lol).

Many things I learn from your videos have me changing some of my views regarding STEEM. I am still vehemently against auto-upvoting and bidbots. Yes, I know that you have a bidbot. That is fine.

Just appreciate these type of educational podcasts and the interaction that you promote among Steemians. Your answers to questions and asking others for their views and your responses which are non-condescending answers are refreshing. Good work.

Signed a not so smart guy and non-autoupvoter.


I don't always have the time to be at your live shows, so I do appreciate you put out the recordings.

No worries, they are not very exciting.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

thanks listening in now

I listen your speech and I like it

  ·  last month (edited)

Oh, wanted to mention this is well. On your talk about onboarding. I have mentioned this to @magicmonk (one of the best content creators on #stemgeeks in my opinion, about Scott Flansburg. I believe if we could start campaign to onboard him to #stemgeeks this would be a wonderful thing. Just a thought. I am a bit too ADHD to head this up. I am more of an idea person. Not very good at leading on campaigns. Just get excited about things and move on to the next place my mad mind takes me!

Thank you for your consideration.


Guess that does not work anymore with the #shade thingy.

I think like this sarge,
!shadetoken 2
just testing..

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when your brain has weird connections :) i was listening to the podcast and editing photos, and when you started to count number of things to focus on steem, my brain went:

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