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RE: Google Skews Search Results Towards Establishment Sources? Principles of SEO

Hi Ura, they're getting very sensitive about how they slap the propaganda boxes on videos. I made a weather report video and without mentioning chemtrails in the title or description, it plunked the "contrails" disinformation box under my video.

Weird. They either parsed my speech and heard the words "chemical...trail" together or could tell by the screen that that's what was going on.


I see, thanks. I actually don't see that warning under this video and have never seen one for chemtrails on any videos yet in Youtube. I think I've only ever seen these boxes under RT videos highlighting that RT is funded by the Russian government. Youtube does convert spoken word into text and then it will be parsed by AI, so it's possible that's what triggered the box for you. I think they also have an army of humans monitoring things too.

Good research! Why am i not surprised ;)
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