My Experience With 3Speak!

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(Le guy who will guide you through 3Speak)

Background is a new platform on STEEM blockchain that aims to become Utopia for all the creators mistreated by machines of mainstream media.

How are they planning to do it, what are their biggest strengths? Tune in to find out.

I spend quite some time on the platform in the last week and I fell in love instantly... why is that so?

It seems to me like there is no space left for surprise factors, the team decided to think about everything thoroughly and that is how the platform looks in its Alpha.

Aesthetically, we might argue the landing page can look better... but keep in mind this is just the beginning and focus is elsewhere. When the time comes, I'm sure this landing will look way better than


I was using Dlive since day 1 and I must admit this platform is doing much better in terms of functionality... Obviously I couldn't try to upload content still, but, the buffering of videos and frame-rates in general work like a charm.

Totally enjoyable experience to watch visual content on a blockchain.


This is one of the major factors when it comes to running a dapp on STEEM.

Can it be sustainable? What if?

Maybe you can support your community by huge delegation from Stinc... but what happens if you lose it overnight?

We've witnessed many times how some businesses on STEEM ignore this aspect and eventually they were forced to turn off their project.

This is 1 additional factor because I trust in, it is led by serial team of entrepreneurs who'll do everything in their power to make the platform serial (killer). :D

From what I've heard, the plans of generating revenue involve their native token - Speak, as well as an advertising model when the time comes!

This is exactly the kind of thing we need here, while some argued how advertisement is cheap in the past, we've clearly witnessed where that kind of thinking brought many of the projects here... even some of the biggest ones! You could even say, where that kind of thinking brought us as a collective...

Therefore, I can conclude with certainty this is the way to go.



Speak currency is somewhat similar to Bits on Twitch. Another thing I like about this platform, since this is the kind of currency Average Joe is willing to spend.

You can buy it super-fast with your credit card and that's exactly something we need, trying to get this whole experience more familiar to a noobie in crypto-space.

When you donate more than 100 Speak, as you can see, you can leave a personal message attached to your donation. This is another good move, since many viewers will be thrilled to find out their voice can be heard!

Just for the test and out of curiosity, I went forward to buy 100 Speak


After inputting some basic details, such as my address and E-mail etc., I was prompted on the next screen to fill in my Credit Card details.

In a matter of moments, this warm message appeared on my screen!


This was lightning fast to say the least. My initial reaction was: Damn, this is faster than Coinbase!

Another aspect greatly covered by a team I love to see taking biz in their hands.


Here I was, in my wallet, not knowing really what to do with my first Speak!


Should I donate, or hodl? More and more I felt like their value could soar! lol

After some thinking, I decided to donate to my boy @adetorrent ! He deserves it and it feels great to be able to do something like this. :')

(Ade, remember me when you become rich and famous! haha)

I even put an arrow for you so you know for sure how to donate. :)


Instinctively, I stick with number 7 at this moment, don't know why.


Anyway, with my Speak donated and me observing the functioning... I was pleased!
  • Super-fast transaction to my wallet ✅
  • Ability to save my CC details ✅
  • Lighting fast donations ✅
  • Ability to Speak
  • The smoothness of whole experience ✅

(Well actually, you need more than 100 Speak to leave a personal message but, money speaks! lol)


To be honest, I figured this paragraph should have come earlier in the post, but I said fuck it!

After detailed observation of the whole page, I wondered to myself - This looks great, but what with the onboarding?

Then I remembered this little page that got in front of my eyes before I signed up for the first time. Ta Daaam! :D


Now this is the best part of this whole story. Anyone can login by using any of their existing social media accounts!

Threespeak have set up proxy accounts so any user without STEEM account can still leave a comment on STEEM blockchain! Not only that, there is a metric calculating how much STEEM you would have earned through your interaction, allowing you to claim your free STEEM account when you finally reach it! How awesome is that? :)


This whole idea is some out of the box thinking. I honestly like it and I'm very pleased with what I see! If I'm correct... I didn't see anything like this here, until now.

The onboarding process looks smoother than on most STEEM dapps Imo. Moreover, since I logged in on the page using my SteemConnect desktop client, I wasn't logged out even once!

Another factor that actually plays a difference, when you consider how on some of other Dapps you constantly need to log in over and over again! I guess this has something to do with the newest release of SteemConnect? Just a guess!


I'm seriously encouraged by the progress of this platform in such a short period of time!

In all honesty, I feel this could be the dapp that will launch us mainstream!

Find one or two amazing content creators who got deplatformed - and we got a whole new mass of people trying to watch videos on STEEM :D

Is this the right time for that to happen? I'm unsure... but we should be able to handle few bigger content creators.

Additionally, that would be amazing for the ad revenue of the platform so I sincerely hope it will happen soon!

If you still don't know who is behind this dapp, I suggest you check out Starkerz and Anarcotech from the Oracle-D team as well as the angel guardian of our platform - TheycallmeDan! Imho, this team is a recipe for success, if they won't make moves here - who will? :)

Oracle proved many times they can generate the right kind of attention for this blockchain, that's why I'm thrilled to see them behind this project. It was always a pleasure to work with them... you do the work appropriately, they make sure you get rewarded! Doesn't get much easier than that ;)

Oh and yeah, you can earn an upvote if you help @theycallmedan in reaching some big creators to notice 3Speak, follow this link:

My Humble Request to @oracle-d

Back in the time I ran a closed group on Facebook that helped people to fight cancer with power of Autophagy, long story short - lot of fruits, superfoods, fasting and workout create an environment where cancer can't do shit, literally. Meaning, cancer is one of the easiest things to get rid of (if you know how to do it)

2.5 years ago the group counted more than 2000 active individuals... so no bots nor inactive users but people who were interacting with each other encouraging each other sharing their experiences and spreading lot of forgotten knowledge!

Somehow, Facebook found out about the group and without a single notice, it was removed out of existence over night! Not only that, my Facebook profile that had my original credentials associated with it got removed as well!

2.5 years later... only trail of mine sometimes rich account is this:


Honestly, my group was getting traction! Until now, I'd say I could have reached at least 20 000 + users if not more, because, many more people are waking up to the fraud activities of pharmacy and medicine in general.

So I will kindly ask you last time, if you can allocate me one creator account on 3speak - please do it, I'd be super grateful :)

I'll use it with my heart, pride and intellect... only top quality content which will bring value to the people, power to us :)

As well, as I said countless times in application to your page and elsewhere: I met lot of healers with huge followings who are de-platformed as of this moment... I think getting some of them here might not be a bad idea! As a matter of fact, it is ideal for us to first get people like these with followings not bigger than 20-30-40k! But that's just my cup of tea, let me know what do you think and reach out wherever you might prefer :)

Telegram: +385977193017 Karlo Seidl
Whatsapp: +385977193017
IMO: +385977193017 cesaric
Discord: enjoyinglife#0655




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OMG! You're crazy! Thanks for the donation bro! You're going to make be a billionaire because this thing is going to the dark side of the moon!! :)

Sounds like you're the perfect creator for 3Speak with that FaceBook group. Probably worth starting it up again. Maybe when we have communities function on Steem you can really get it going!

Peace, and thanks for the generosity.

Was my pleasure bro!! 👊

Thank You for the kind words 🙂🙏

Have a great day!

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I fully support Karlo with his application @oracle-d The topic of Autophagy is very interesting! I lost someone from cancer last week. A lot of things went wrong, that's why i think alternative ways to fight cancer should be discussed more.

I believe this 3speak is really promising. Though I am still yet to try it out but reading things and review about it, I am very optimistic that this is going to the moon. Oh what am I saying, above the moon


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So what things can one do with speak token other than donate and what is the current issuance and so on? I guess there isn't max supply either and is the price fixed to certain number of dollars?

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