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RE: 3Speak's Citizen Journalist Onboarding Program!

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I don't understand the obsession with using Google. STEEM and 3Speak both do that quite a lot.
Personally I've been abused by Google ruthlessly for over 10 years. I've worked for them, for free, and been censored, shadowbanned, placed behind age restrictions, banned in various parts of the world, called "borderline content", been labeled a domestic terrorist for my participation in the alternative media, been demonetized, and had my viewcounts manually adjusted downward to hide my support.
No, I won't be signing up through Google.
Can you guys come up with another way to do things?


Hello @drutter. You can drop by our discord server if you do not want to register through the google form.

Thanks guys, I may try that.
First I need to decide if I'm suitable to apply. Now that I've moved out of Vancouver for a while, which is where the activism and political action is here in BC, maybe I should stick to making documentaries and vlogs for now.

hello @threespeak i am sadly Tell you that last one week i have no response in my #threespeak video vlog from you and your curators.. I think you are looking all vlog without mine...i am so upset about it...hope seeing my vlog...sorry for saying

This service is free or paid

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You should pay 30 steem for one month as a curator on @threespeak

To be fair, Discord is just as bad. They have been banning lots of controversial content for awhile now and starting to ramp it up even more.

@truthforce writing.