House to Vote on Formalizing Trump Impeachment Inquiry

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--The US House will vote on formalizing the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, quelling complaints from Trumpists that there is no due process and the inquiry is "unconstitutional"

Will this allay Republican criticisms of impeachment?

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Important milestone on the roadmap to holding President Trump accountable.
House Judiciary Committee voting on formalizing impeachment inquiry primarily because Trump's blanket cover-up reached point where House of Representatives has to escalate official proceedings against him.

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What it reached was the level they call "legal challenges" in court, whereas they knew they weren't going to win. This whole process should have been out in the open to begin with so every American could have seen for themselves what was going on and not being spoon fed cherry picked leaks worded to misguide the intent of the testimony given on many occasions.

You should also understand one important issue here. That is they are fighting up against a corrupt intelligence community, meaning you have to be one step ahead of the game, this may end up back firing in their faces. What they think they may hear might end up coming back and biting them.

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Sometimes I think you should listen to yourself before you debut your show. You know how ridiculous you sound saying everything was being done constitutionally as intended then saying they are going to formalize the process? Formalizing the process should have come first. lol. She knows full well she doesn't stand a chance of getting the subpoena's upheld in court if she isn't doing a formal process required by the constitution or processes laid out for such.

We know the difference because all those who've worked on impeachments, legal scholars and experts have all said this is not how it's done. Now on the other side you have the former intelligence community on left wing media shows being the so called experts of advice on this process. One that doesn't surprise me for some reason and two they'd hardly pass as legal scholars.

We also understand the dire straits they are all in and are racing against time as now it's been announced they have announced an official criminal probe into the Russian Collusion narrative. They figure if they can take Trump out they won't be exposed for trying to undermine a legitimately elected president. From my understanding it's coming into play that Christopher Steele never even wrote the dossier on Trump, I think if I recall right they now have evidence or enough evidence leaning toward it was Nellie Ohr. I see you also aren't talking about Flynn and the fact his trial has been postponed as they continue to look into what transpired and the fact that documents were altered and not given to the defense. Yeah they have a lot to be worried about, as I've said before timing is everything and their narrative falling apart right before an election cycle is very concerning for them. They won't remove Trump, what we are seeing here is the same exact type of set up used in the Russian Collusion narrative, step by step play by the book and the American people aren't stupid enough not to see it. This dog and pony show is going to see the shit hitting the fan and they are in a race against time to try and stop it. Thank goodness the senate can derail this ever increasing big top circus.

Go off king

I have no idea what you are trying to say there.

Impeachment comes because there's a vote of no confidence on him, I don't think that it's unconstitutional at all, of the due process are followed and for the right reasons then he can be impeached as well. Truth is that all protocol should be observed for Trump.