Our rules - Their territory !

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Of course we like to set our own rules.

But, is that always possible ?

I shared my ideas about the topic in the video.

I hope it will be useful for some people.

Enjoy watching the video.

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@clixmoney, We can set rules for ourselves but we cannot set rules for the External World.

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Of course. That's why we have to respect the rules of others if we are in their territory.

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There is very beautiful term to this is called "Colonization". Now colonization has played major roles in for shaping current world situation in terms of financial, cultural and social and geography. Earlier in prehistoric era it was only "Migration", which in some sense was peaceful (at least we can that, or let us consider it that way) but colonization is different Game. It follows only one Rule and the following definition on google, "Colonization: The action or process of settling among and establishing control over the indigenous people of an area. Wow !!! I created my own definition for the same, it goes like this "Colonization: Wipeout the Native Peace and Cut them to Pieces", now this sounds more realistic, isn't it ?? That's what it is ???

Yeah, trying to set rules for other countries is also a type of colonization. I think that every country has the right to set its own rules and noone else has the right to set rules for it.