This is how I promote 3speak !

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I showed all the details in the video, but I will leave the links in the description as well.

First of all, I deceded to post all my @threespeak videos only in this account.

The social networks were I mostly promote it are :

I also promote in forums related to crypto, like :

There are more forums I'm registred in where I find very interesting topics to discuss and always promote my videos there.

I also create videos sometimes about politics and promote in the related forums. This one for example :
THE UNION OF EUROPE AND RUSSIA.. Also, some activity is there.

In fact we can also find forums related to the topics we create about.

The same way I want to promote steem and that's why I'm trying to create this : Creating SteemDelegator !. I will try at least, maybe that will help steem price to grow.

So, there are always ways to promote anything you want.

Enjoy watching the video. ☺

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Great strategy for getting views for the videos. Considering your subscribers and number of videos, we can say the strategy worked for you. I was curious of how can I get views and subscribers for my video, but your video solved my problems. Thank you for sharing the solution to promoting the 3Speak videos.

You're very welcome. I'm glad that was useful for you. We need more people to follow such strategy. Promoting the the platform is important for all of us.

@clixmoney, There is no doubt that you are putting efforts and great to know that some of your promotion efforts reached to people effectively and your efforts are getting effective engagement too. Keep up and keep putting successful steps.

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Thanks. I'm doing my best. I also show to anyone here, that the hard work and the right strategy can make anyone successful. The more successful people I will see arround, the more happy I will be.

Welcome and environment is everything.

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