Why investors should prefer steem over ethereum !

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In this video I decided to share why investing in steem is much better than ethereum !

First of all we all know that's a social blockchain.

Much easier to use.

The applications built here are more interesting.

There are no fees and fast transactions.

Comparing to ethereum, steem can make 10x or more, but ethereum can't.

I'm following the cryptocurrencies a long time and I can say that the cheapest ones are more likely to grow.

So, in my opinion it's more profitable to invest in steem !

Also, in steem we don't have only to wait for the price to grow, but we can earn even more by curating.

Enjoy watching the video.

Read here about the project I want to start to promote steem: Creating SteemDelegator !

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I'm sorry, but this is a ridiculous comparison. Steem is nice for its specific use case, but it is an application-specific blockchain, while Ethereum is THE general application blockchain. Comparing them is not comparing apples to oranges, its like comparing a screwdriver to an entire tool shed.

A good comparison for Steem would be the BAT token, not ETH, which is the fuel that allows you to build anything you can imagine with code-enforced rules. Steem cannot ever provide people with the ability to create applications that live within Steem, only verification that something did in fact take place.

Soft consensus is a joke, because its hardly better than anything before it. It's not "code is law" which means you still have to sue the other party and hope you get the value back that they took.

The whole idea of smart contracts is that they can be enforced by the blockchain. Insurance companies are notorious for not paying up when they are legally required to do so. Suing is costly and time consuming and Ethereum's smart contract design opened a new avenue for enforcing agreements. Steem does not have this capability and is only able to provide evidence for a lawsuit.

I don't know if you are a blockchain dev or not, but I can say that the mere suggestion that one can compare these two drastically different blockchains to each other causes me to wonder about your knowledge on the subject.

Note: I like Steem and Ethereum, and I do not mean to put down either blockchain in my comment. However, I simply believe comparing these two blockchains is completely illogical.

STEEM: Hi, I am decentralised online cryptocurrency with millions of supports (curators, authors, developers and community members), I think you investors should follow and invest in me.
INVESTOR: I saw this cool advertisement online about some token, they promised me 1500% Return on Investment (ROI).
-------------------------------------------------- After Couple of Months ------------------------------------------------
STEEM: Hey investor what happened to your great promising TOKEN with massive ROI
INVESTOR: Please don't talk about, they all vanished and ran away with my money.
STEEM: Oh Love !!! Sorry to hear that, now what are your plans

haha, that's cool. Very funny and that's the reality. Maybe I will read this in one of my videos if you don't mind. lol ☺

Yes of-course, you are most welcome.

STEEM is wife who will always hold our back in tough times. All other token (yes almost all) are worthless like side chick, who is there only for profit and ruin our lives.

Good one. :)

I'll take Steem over it any day ;)

That's great. I'm glad you're always with steem. ☺