The internet of the future !

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I always loved everything related to space.

And now companies like ''Starlink'' are thinking to use it for the internet.

They are really doing something great and we will may have the internet everyone on earth.

Watch the video to see how they are doing so.

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There are many research going on to make Internet available to every corner of the world, very recently Elon Musk's Boring Inc. then Google Inc. had plans to make internet at lower cost or almost free. There are many article available on internet, to advocate this claims but most of them are bias and not relevant. I liked the one from Google, they plan to have hanging balloons and lightweight unmanned planes, powered by solar energy for continuous operations.

That's great if google are planing to do so. The project of Elon Musk seems aimed to generate more income. I saw somewhere that the price of his internet will be from $100 to $300 a month and I think it's a lot. I pay in Russia for unlimited internet only about $10 per month and the speed is good as well. I'll be just happy if google do better and to make it cheap for everyone. I trust in google more because I see how many free and useful products they have.