The winner of 10 steem and an other one to grab !

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In this video I announced the winner of 10 steem of this contest. 10 STEEM for an Idea !

It's @chireerocks !

He shared an amazing idea about to collaborate with tribes.

I shared in the video also, what you have to do to grab an other 10 steem.

Watch the video for the details.

Welcome to DCooperation community

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Making collaboration with tribes will be really awesome, if I can remember you use to be heavily invested on really and I'll like to see the tribe you'll be invested on since you're going with @chireerocks's idea.

Yeah, but the problem that I saw in sportstalk the same people again and again in the trending page and that's why I undelegated from my account and now I'm unstaking. I would like to convert all that to steem and to buy a token from an other tribe that take care of the trending page and not put only those who are staking a lot there. I still have 168000 sports in @dcooperation and I really need a reason to stop unstaking that. I baught that with my hard earned 500 steem and now that worth less than 200. Also, I wasn't supported because I was converting sports to steem, but I was staking enough and no one cares. We shouldn't have that mentality, there is always someone who can stake more than we staked. We should respect every single investor. Those who are saying that they are not selling sport, they do that in smart way, where noone is tracking them. Even in steem, some people are selling their votes and others selling their power ( leasing ) then they say to others to care about the community. They should care themselves first. Also a lot of circling is still happening everywhere. Sad to see that. Thanks god I'm powering up all my steem, let's see how it goes. Still people not helping me with collaborations even for sending them liquid steem. I don't really know what to do.

It's hard to find loyalty on steem though and there are circle everywhere no one can really stop it. I just do my best and well leave the issues of circle sometimes I beg people to support my sports posts we just have to hope that change can happen. About the collaboration I think you should still keep trying. Anytime you need me I'm available though.

Send me please the video where you talk about what you think about steem in 1 minute. I feel that I'm begging people too. I will incread your autoupvote to 20%. I need some activity in @dcooperation, I didn't pay the monthly fee for nothing. Really tired from all this.

@josediccus, Thank you brother and have a great time ahead.

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Congrats @chireerocks and you have given superb idea. well done man.

Hey Clix,
I have gone through the below comment and I agree that there is a lot of circle voting in sports and I had invested over 300 steem but then I came out of that.
About the collaboration, I understand that community response was not the way you expected and its quite normal. I like this idea and am always with you whenever you need. Maybe I joined a bit late but for a longer-term. Please continue your colab and you know that you have few people with you and lets take it forward together. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for your support. I will create an other collab soon and let everybody know about that. I want to increase the % of upvote for all those who will participate in our collabs. I'm thinking of 25% for one collab.

@alokkumar121, Thank you so much for your kind appreciation brother and keep doing the good work. Stay blessed.

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@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/20)

Thanks a lot. That means a lot to me. ☺

@clixmoney, Thank you so much for this Encouragement and for appreciating my Idea. 💡

In my opinion we can come up with one more Idea 💡 and that is, we can focus towards Introduction Section which can bring Fresh Roots to Dcooperation and Newbies can get a space which is Supportive and Growing step by step and gradually. Stay blessed.

That's also great. I will look into that. We just need more powerful people to support us. We are growing really slow and not everybody is understanding the value of collaborations. We just need to teach more steemians who will build with us the account.

Thank you for your appreciation and hope that in near future powerful Steemians will collaborate with Dcooperation. Stay blessed.

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