DNC Debate Reaction

in threespeak •  last month 

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My reaction to last night's DNC Debate.

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Well politicians these days heve crazy agendas and putting people out of jobs and creating artificial unemployment as a result of scarcity all in the name of the greater good, is really terrible apart from Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden I think majority of these other Contestants have crazy idea too and are only waiting to be elected to start enacting them I mean look at Donald Trump.

@chieppa1, Now it's upon people how how they will going to choose their representatives and these events are one where people pursue all aspects which will be considered while voting. Hope that you will be freed from your busy schedule and relax a bit. Stay blessed.

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These events are strategically plans to give voters only a few options. They do not allow them to see all their options.

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Your words sounds true.

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