Hong Kong Violence Grows, As The Protests Get More "Colorful"

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The protests in Hong Kong erupted into a new stage of violence today. I break down the events, along with a warning to anyone buying the narrative that this is a completely organic plea from the people of Hong Kong to the United States for "liberation".

Truthforce has a more updated video today about the ongoing protests.

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We were talking about that on Twitter and Tim Andersen the prominent professor who was fired from his job at an Australian university resembled the Hong Kong protesters to the Syrian terrorists hiding under the 'peaceful protesters' banner, and I replied to him on August 14: They still didn't reach the low level of the Syrian 'revolution' calling on NATO to bomb them to free them 😂, then later when they demanded the US to invade them, sorry save them, on August 28, I replied: Now they almost reached their level 😂. Here's the link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/3arabiSouri/status/1166658437863919616.
Only fools would think colored revolutions are grass root movements, they're not, they've never been and the end is always in favor of the self-proclaimed elite who control the decision making posts in the US itself.

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