Firstly Hong Kong is one do the costliest place, on planet EARTH. People of Hong Kong life span is moderate, every hectic and requires every member of the family to work. There are many issues where china could have helped to solve or eradicate the problematic issues Hong Kong is dealing. But as expected "China" decided to jump in without any dialogue, without any thought how it could affect the local population. The right way, listen to the locals of Hong Kong and do accordingly. In simple words, Hong kong don't want China to take part in deciding their future. Hence to summarise this, I would say, "Dear China, please get of Hong Kong".

Okay. But don't ask the US government for help and assistance. Again, the same things were said about Ukraine. And then the US backed violent groups and the country is in chaos.

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US has history of altering the course of destiny of conflicting places on our beloved plant. But even if nobody bother to ask US for their intervention still they manage to be present there all the time. Wherever US ever step their foot, they never ever left that country, even the peaceful country Japan has the US military base.

So if the Chinese comes in violently then the outside world might take cognisance and provide Support? It's all political brouhaha, I don't think anything will basically change by all means. As it's evident, the protest are definitely continuing.

It's much like Ukraine. Try to peel away Hong Kong from Chinese control. I believe Trump signed off on the US support to get a trade deal done. Others around him want the full war.

what about the other demands lol🤣 🤣 🤣 will we ever get an honest investigation into the lives lost and those arrested? i doubt it!

They have valid demands. And the Chinese government is horrific. I'm simply pointing out the tactics used during a Color Revolution are evident here.

Some of the protesters are actually quoting the documentation, Winter of Fire, which was a propaganda documentary funded by Netflix that put the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 in a good light. It received a ton of awards. Much like the White Helmets documentary about Syria.

Both ignored the clear Western influence and radical elements. Al Qeada in Syria, and Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

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