I Clarify My "Stance" on the Hong Kong Protests

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In this informal rant, I trying to explain where I get my perspective on the Hong Kong protests and the clear outside influence within its ranks.

Propaganda. Come on people.

Paul Joseph Watson

Ukraine 2014:

Hong Kong 2019:




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Stand firm on your original stance. I have exactly the same read on the situation. The Western interference seems blatantly obvious, and part of a multi layered attack on China. The longer it goes on, the more furious the genuine residents of the city will become with the bought and paid for, or just easily led protesters.

The Ukrainian leader you were thinking of, who was jailed for corruption was Yulia Tymoshenko.

Thanks for reminder.

They dropped the bill today. When the violence doesn't stop people will starting getting the hint.

Americans love the "struggle for freedom narrative".

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This hong kong protest should be done. It is getting out of hand as day goes by. Never knew why the government is nit doing anything about it

Things really need to he done in other to avoid conflict. Nice update keep up the good work

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