My introduction video for 3speak!

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Welcome Guys!

I am atnazo and I am here on the steemit since 2018!
This is the time to join the 3speak, the place where the speak is important!
I will mainly make gaming content, but from time to time I will upload my video vlogs. I will check too the live stream feature, becuase from long time started my career as a streamer!

Centralized platform didn't help the creators reach their goals, mainly my videos was demonetized, which was not good for the auto script.
I am glad that the closed beta testing is over and I can join today 3speak. I was lazy and forgot about this, but I hope so that we will have really good time here.

Stay tuned and thanks for watching!

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Hello my friend, I subscribe to your channel. I hope you can earn a lot of rewards here. I have 3 month and I find it amazing

Thanks for good words, I appreciate it!
Nice to hear that you are fine here and you like making more content :)

Miło Cię widzieć na 3speak!

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Dzięki! Widzę, że też tam już od jakiegoś czasu działasz :P

Działam działam. Brakuje nowych osób z polish. Działamy😀 powiem Ci że fajnie powiedzieć coś na 3speak👋

You're welcome here. I know some people from Poland and I live in Russia. Your laguage is similar to ours. Spasibo. Oh, godchained is a good game and very supported by the community. Games are really fun and we can bring a lot of people to steem if we let gamers join here. Cool introduction. Enjoy being here. :)

I am still learning english and my skill growth in time. We are all eternal students :) I appreciate that you like see me on 3speak. I hope so that I will meet many steemians here!
Polish and Russian people have similar accent, but really diffrent alphabet :D
That warm welcome really inspired me to make more content!