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RE: Epic Meme Contest!!

in #threespeak4 months ago

Some of them are really hilarious, you selected the best as the featured image of this post, there's also the very true one that YouTube's advertisers don't like your contents, the most vague way to steal your warnings while they continue displaying the ads, it's a wide policy over Google AdSense itself, not only on their YouTube.

After 2 years of suspending my channel they sent me an email a couple of days ago saying: Good news, the copy right over your video is released...

Because it was a fake claim in the beginning and that was one of the reasons they accused me of violating their virginity, but guess what: that 'good news' didn't bring my channel back because the content on it incriminate their beloved 'freedom fighters' of al-Qaeda in my country and incriminate who is really behind them.

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