Writing in 3speak.online !

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I see more and more people joining now @threespeak to create videos on it.

But, we can also create blogs here and that's also

I really like to write sometimes when I don't have that mood to create videos.

Writing sometimes help us to express things we can't

It also gives us time to edit and to improve our ideas even

Writing is also useful to practice English for non native speakers like me. :)

I really enjoy writing especially when everybody is sleeping home and I'm like an owl at 4 am. lol

It's also a reminder for creators on @threespeak that they can even blog here but not only vlog. ;)

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Yes, U are right. I agree with u , Sir .


Well, you are one great content creator on steem who relentlessly produce many useful contents.

Thanks a lot my friend. I'm glad you appreciate that. ☺

Really? I just learnt that. Would your post actually submit without adding a video?

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Yeah, you will find in the creator studio blogs and you can submit without a video.

You are right. I remember my english when I talk to camera😀 Was beatiful time😀

Yeah, I remember everything.